Hello Poker friends, we are a software development company who specializes in high end Poker. After years of building poker games for others we decided to build our own game for fun because we were inspired by DogeCoin.
Our team has been building poker for over fifteen years so we know a thing or two about what makes a good game. Our software is a quality platform as you will easily see when you sit down to play.
Like a fine wine, our game is very mature. Millions of hands have been played by thousands over many years. DogeCoin Poker offers a host of fun features which can be viewed here.
Poker is a very social and entertaining game and we have endeavored to follow that theme. We have strong collusion prevention, such that the bad guys cannot gang up on the inexperienced player. We also have a sophisticated technique for preventing artificial intelligence, better known as ‘bots’ from playing our game. Be assured you will always be playing with a human on our tables.
Our poker software is Lab Certified by one of the top companies in software certification and our card deck shuffling process employs a hardware Random Number Generator device manufactured by a top Swiss company. You can sit back and enjoy playing with confidence a game made by professionals without the worry that something irregular is going on behind the scene.
Our mission is to provide the poker playing community with a fun, safe experience that can be enjoyed by all. We hope you enjoy DogeCoin Poker and tell your friends about us.