Fair Play

One of the main concerns of online gaming operations is to guarantee fair gaming. The Company (as defined in the User Agreement) understands the importance of explaining how this is actually done:

The "dealer" on the website is really a computer. To assure the integrity of our games, a trusted Random Number Generator (RNG) is used in the card shuffle and dealing process. In each individual event a RNG is utilized to ensure compliance with relevant standards. The system has been rigorously tested by a top independent software certification lab running millions of rounds and examining results.

We employ strong proprietary anti-collusion prevention to prevent unfair player advantage activity on our tables. We also prevent artificial intelligence, (bots) from playing on our tables. In addition, we offer a number of special restricted games that are specifically available only to players of a similar skill level.

The Company offers a variety of feature-rich games, providing our members a complete gaming experience. We provide our Members with an easy to use log of their game results via their device and via customer support. This information may be reviewed at any time, and includes amounts wagered, game results, complete hands replays, as well as deposit and withdrawal records.

In summary, The Company does its utmost to provide a Fair Play environment for all its Members. Our customer service is highly proactive in this regard and we respond quickly to any concerns our Members may have.

For any questions regarding the aforementioned please contact Support