Big Doge 1000 Guaranteed Tournament Each Sunday

Announcing the weekly BIG 1,000 DOGE HOLD'EM TOURNAMENT

GTD Prize Pool 1,000Ɖ

Satellite Tournament Venue Starts each Monday.
Win tickets to the Sunday's  Main Event.
Twelve days of satellite tournaments running 5 times daily
THREE daily free rolls and TWO 3Ɖ buy-in Tourneys each day.

If you miss on the TWENTY-ONE free rolls, there are FOURTEEN 3Ɖ buy-in Satellite tournaments, your chance to win and accumulate tickets worth 20 + 0.20Ɖ.
Main Event Tickets at the door, Sunday - 20 + 0.20Ɖ.

Accumulated Tickets can be used to enter and rebuy in Sunday's  Main Event.
Note: We are making program changes to allow the accumulated won tickets to work for Rebuys and Add-on for this tournament. There is once again a Leader Board for the tickets won in Satellites

Main Event Guaranteed features up to FIVE DOUBLE Rebuys and one Add-on
Daily Satellite Venue Monday to Sunday.

UTC 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 9:00 PM 11:00 PM
Prize Tickets Tickets Tickets Tickets Tickets
Minimum 5 Players 5 Players 5 Players 5 Players 5 Players

Main Event 1,000Ɖ Guaranteed 8:00 PM UTC, (3PM EST) each SUNDAY
Buy-In 20.20Ɖ
Prize Pool 1,000Ɖ
Minimum 20 Players
Rebuy 20.20Ɖ