Welcome DogeCoin Poker affiliates! We hope you you will enjoy the only Poker site played in DogeCoin (DC). Our standard affiliate offer is a lifetime revenue share of 30% from the rake made by your players. There will be a way to achieve up to 50% level though.

If the players you referred raked more than 2,500 DC we will increase your % to 40% and if they raked more than 5,000 DC in a month, your % will go to 50% for that month.

You will be given an affiliate panel where you can see a lot of stats and manage your players.
You can also request a private table or a private tournament.

The costs of freerolls and bonuses will be shared with you proportionally to your %, but, don't worry, as there won't be too much of free rolls, and they will mostly be accessible for the depositing and raking players only.